MW Rolling Lower Body + 1Leg Bridge

Exercise / Hip Extension

MW Rolling Lower Body + One Leg bridge


This MW exercise is composed by two movements: 1) Rolling Lower Body 2) One-Leg Bridge
1) Start in the prone position with hands at the shoulders and elbows close to the body. Squeezing glutes and keeping the “core” activated; extend right arm overhead; lift the left leg into the air behind the body and reach it slowly towards the right to allow the rest of the body to roll over back into the supine position.
2) From supine position with the left leg flexed, lift hips off the floor to attain a bridge position with knees, hips, and shoulders in alignment. Keep opposite leg extended during the entire exercise.
3) From the top position of the bridge, slightly unlock hips and pushing the left foot on the ground for rolling back on start position.
Perform the same execution on opposite side.

CAUTION: If you’re unsure of your health status, have multiple health problems, previous injuries or are pregnant, speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Exercise Tips

  • Before training this exercise, it’s important in practicing each movement (Rolling Lower Body and One Leg Bridge) automatizing the proper technique;
  • Keep for a couple of seconds the top position of the one-leg bridge;
  • Feel oblique abs and shoulder stability during the one-arm push-up position; 
  • Feel hamstring and glute activation of the side of the leg on the ground;
  • Stop immediately the exercise if you feel low-back or shoulder pain;