MW Frog Kick High Pelvis 2


MW Frog Kick High Pelvis 2


MW Frog kick High Pelvis 2 is the first progression of MW Frog Kick High Pelvis 1. In addition to level 1, we have a little “flight phase” on the switching movement from Frog position and the ground impact before the High Pelvis extension (pic.3). Because of this, the level 2 required a higher level of agility, movement control and stability compared to level 1.

CAUTION: If you’re unsure of your health status, have multiple health problems, previous injuries or are pregnant, speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Exercise Tips

  • Before training this exercise, it’s important in practicing each movement (Frog and High Pelvis Ext) automatizing the proper technique;
  • Focus your attention on the movement control of the entire movement (phase 1 + phase 2);
  • Keep for a couple of seconds the end positions of the second phase (high pelvis extension);
  • Feel adductors and abs activation at the end position of the first phase (Frog Kick);
  • Feel hamstrings and glutes activation at the end of the second phase;
  • Stop immediately the exercise if you feel low-back or shoulder pain;


  1. MW Frog kick;
  2. MW High Pelvis TGU;
  3. MW Frog Kick High Pelvis 1;


Add “Backstroke” arm movement at the top of the “High Pelvis Extension” (second phase);