MW Twist Lunges Stretch 2


MW Twist lunges Stretch 2

This is the first progression of the MW Twist Lunges Stretch 1. In this case, the plus value is the fully extended arm in an overhead position improving Latissimus dorsi stretch, shoulder mobility and the upper back muscles activation as well.


CAUTION: If you’re unsure of your health status, have multiple health problems, previous injuries or are pregnant, speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Exercise Tips

  • Maintain the alignment between knee and toes in the lunge position;
  • Push your hips forward at the end position Keeping the back straight;
  • Keep fully extended arms (end position);
  • Feel your posterior quad stretching (end position);
  • Feel stability on the ground during the entire movement;
  • Keep the end position for a couple of seconds before moving back;
  • Drive the movement by breathing out;


  1. MW Power Twist Lunges;


  1. Add “Squat Mobility” at the mid-transition between start and end position;
  2. Emphasize stretching of the quad touching the ground with the posterior knee;